Meet the Team

Amy – Hello! I’m Amy, I never dreamt of having this new salon, or working with the team of unbeatable, admirable, fantastic ladies around me that I do, but here we are! What a journey it’s been so far! I began performing beauty treatments at the age of 17 – from my parent’s lounge. (they were never thrilled with the wax spills or the ‘strangers’ in/out of their home) So, in 2016 I opened my first salon. The industry is a constant influx of surprises, new products, new treatments and new clients! No two days are ever the same and my days are always fast paced – hence my love for the job! Thank you – to every returning & every new client that comes to the salon and to the rest of the team which you are about to ‘meet’. I am exceptionally grateful!

Ellie – A little bit about me; I’m a social butterfly which a lot of people know me for! I’ve been in the industry for 8 years, working on cruise ships – to settling in the Cotswolds’ Spa – to now working at the salon! After having a Spa background for years, it’s been so wonderful to fall into a team of fantastic, loving, caring girls & the clients are all so lovely and welcoming! I’m always looking to better myself, watching YouTube videos for anything new! If you’re ever having a bad day, make a visit to come and see me at No. Twenty Four – you’re bound to leaving feeling better for your experience!

Poppy – I’m Poppy, I’ve been at the salon since November 2021. I am the youngest team member – but am also the funniest! I love doing nails and have recently trained in builder gel which I’m really excited to get busy with! All treatments that you see an instant result from I LOVE! My clients always feel fresh and complete when I have finished their treatments. Generally – I just love making people feel and look their best! I love the girls here so much, we work so closely together and there’s never a dull day!